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Charles E. Knight
32 Byers St., Apt. # 101, Springfield, MA 01105

09 / 01/ 08

Telephone [messages]. (413) 732-7077


It is my desire to use the Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Office, Programming and Web Design skills I have been exposed to. I always like to learn. Although a "team" member, I enjoy independently finding solutions for problems and suggesting new directions as an "idea man".

Computer related:   Has been exposed to Macintosh,  MS Windows,  and UNIX/Linux  operating systems

   Software used at least once
      - Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher & Outlook Express) and MS Front Page

      - Adobe PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoDeluxe, and GoLive; Quark XPress; Apple and MS "Works"
      - Macromedia's (Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver Ultra-Dev, Fireworks, Flash, Freehand, Home-Site) and others
   Programming introduced to in courses or tried.
      - Some exposure to: C, C++, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript, Perl , PHP, Q-Basic, SQL, XML

Decade of Educational Attempts   This is a sample of some unique courses taken.

College and address Course numeric designation, section and title Gd Cd Semester
S.T.Com.Co., Springfield-MA CIVL-115 D01 Construction Methods B 3.crd.   2008 SD
S.T.Com.Co., Springfield-MA PROG-208 D01 Visual Basic.NET 1 F 3.crd.   2007 FD
S.T.Com.Co., Springfield-MA SOCL-200 D02 Social Problems F 3.crd.   2007 SD
S.T.Com.Co., Springfield-MA THTR-312 D01 College Theater Workshop B 3.crd.   2006 FD
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA PROG-325 D01 Unix Operating Systems B- 3.crd.   2006 SP
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA PROG-407 D01 Java Programming A- 4. crd   2005 FA
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA PROG-413 E61 Networks 2 A 4. crd   2005 SCE
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA CMPA-120 D61 Intro. to MS PowerPoint A 1. crd   2004 FA
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA GRPH-462 E61 Dig Image Preparation A 3. crd   2004 SCE
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA CMPA-110 D71 Intro to Access A 1. crd   2003 FD
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA MRKT-411 D01 Sales/Sales Management C+ 3. crd   2003 SD
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA PROG-412 D01 Networks 1 A- 3. crd   2002 FD
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA MRKT-110 E80 Principles of Marketing A 3. crd   2002 M2 Sum
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA WEBS-328 D01 Web Scripting B- 3. crd   2001 FD
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA GRPH-201 Web Site Development C 3. crd
2001 SCE
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA PROG-314 Database System B+ 3. crd   2000 FD
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA HONR-504 Hum. Colloquium C+ 3. crd   2000 SD
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA MATH-117 Contemporary Math Applications A 3. crd   1999 FD
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA HONR-503 Library Research Colloquium B+ 3. crd   1999 SD
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA GRPH-131 Printing Technologies B 3. crd   1998 FD
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA GRPH-321 Electronic Image Assembly* B+ 2. crd   1998 SD
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA SPAN-121 Elementary Span 1 B 3. crd   1997 FD
S.T.Com.Col., Springfield-MA GRPH-445 Comp Graph Des A 3. crd   1997 SCE
Simmons Staff Tech. Seminars Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel NA NA   1996 F
Various 6hr How-to Seminars Microsoft Office components NA NA   1996 S

Some Other Past Educational Efforts

Massachusetts Career Development Institute Springfield, MA Cert. Offset Printing Technologies
Berkshire Community College Pittsfield, MA A.S. Environmental Studies
Berkshire Community College Pittsfield, MA A.S. Selective Liberal Studies
Famous Artists Schools Westport, CT Cert. Commercial Art
Mt. Everett Regional High School Sheffield, MA Diploma General Studies
Some Recent Employment      
Springfield Republican college readership program,  Newspaper Delivery at STCC
            ---Deliver newspapers to various points so students can read assigned articles
CRLA certified Part-Time Professional Information Technology Dept. tutor
            ---Tutored students in labs and assisted in fast paced computer related classrooms
Office of Information Technology Paid Intern, nss, OIT, UMass Summer 2003
            ---Received, Shipped, displayed books and assisted with customer service
Part Time Stock Clerk, STCC College Bookstore
            ---Received, Shipped, displayed books and assisted with customer service
Work/Study at Springfield Technical Community College
           ---Maintained Computer Lab, Prepared Photographic Lab, Research, Scanned Images
Temp. Staff Assistant. Corp. (Dietetic Intern. Prog.), Simmons College , Boston, MA
           ---Normal duties for assistant to this Graduate Program’s Department Head.
Production hourly worker at InfoBase. Corp. (Life-Pack textbook project), Springfield, MA
           ---Colorized Images with Adobe Photoshop and set up textbooks with QuarkXPress

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